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Everything You Need To Know About Our Delivery And Service

Getting started

How does Your Healthy Box work?

Our chefs prepare delicious and healthy recipes. We will fill your box of your choice from our menu with fresh ingredients .  We deliver our tasty and healthy meals right to your door in the box from Monday to Friday. We provide our services in St Albans, UK only.

What type of the box should I select?

Our company offers selection of small meals, big meals, packs of fresh fruits and drinks.

We offer 3 different types of big meals:
Slim – suits the best for those who control their eating habbits and do not want to be overfed
Standard – regular every day portion
Gain – designed for those whose goal is to gain some weight


When will my food be delivered?

All deliveries are made between 7 am and 11 am Monday to Friday.

Which areas do you deliver to?

Local delivery zone is limited to St. Albans.

Can you deliver to my home or work office?

Sure, we will deliver your food anywhere you like. Just tell us what address you would like us to deliver Your Healhy Box to in your order form.

Do you deliver on weekends?

No. We currently offer a Monday – Friday service.

Can I receive a discount, if I order meals more frequently?

We are more than happy to accept loyal customers. Just send us an email and we will settle on.

Apply for companies too!


What ingredients do you use?

We cook from fresh and quality ingredients from the best UK suppliers.

Can you prepare me a meal to my diet, allergies or specific requirements?

Generally no. Only if you are aware of any specific allergies, leave us a message we can modify the food, but generally we don’t prepare meals according to individual diet.

All of our meals and portion sizes are standardised for weight and consistency. However if you have any special needs leave us a note and we can discuss if we can make your individual wish possible.

Can I see my meals and what is coming up?

The menu will be available from Sunday midnight until Friday 4pm for the following week as we take order in one week advance.

Can I choose a vegetarian meal?

Yes. Simply choose a vegetarian option from menu.

Do you deliver my food hot?

No. We deliver meals that have been freshly cooked and then refrigerated (not frozen). It is ready to be reheated in a microvawe, oven or a pan.

How long can I store the meals for?

It is the best to eat your meal immediatelly the day when you receive it, to enjoy it fresh. However all our meals should be consumed within 2 days. The meals can be frozen, but for enjoying maximum taste we recommend eating your food whilst it is fresh.

How do I re-heat the meals?

About 2 – 5 minutes in the microwave oven or 2 – 5 minutes on the pan.

Is your food vegan or halal?


Is your food organic?

Some of our food and ingredients are organic, however we focus on providing maximum value to customers and in order to keep prices affordable we cannot use all organic ingredients.

Where can I find food allergy information?

In the menu right next to each food.

Accounts and Ordering

What time do I need to submit meal order or changes to be effective on Monday the next week?

Order section where you can choose your meal programme is open till Friday 4pm.

When will I pay?

Right after you choose your meal from our menu.

How many people is the big meal for?

One big meal is cooked for one person depending on their lifestyle (slim, standard or gain)

Can you manage large group orders?

Yes we can. You can order an unlimited number of meals through our online shop or you can leave us a message.

What is the minimum order to proceed to checkout?

You have to order at least a small meal to be able to checkout. We do not accept orders on drinks or pack of fresh fruits only.

Can I order meals just for a few days of a week?

Yes you can.

Can I choose a different meal from menu if I change my mind?

Yes. You can make changes in your order form untill Friday 4pm for the following week via email.

What kind of package can I expect? Are you ecological?

Yes. We are nature-friendly and ecological and we serve your meals in recyclable materials, paper bags and wooden cutlery. We care for our nature.

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